Why custom-made curtains and blinds are a good investment

Custom-made curtains and blinds are an investment for any home, costing more than the off the shelf alternatives. Pre-made curtains and blinds are manufactured to standard sizes and tend to cater more to new build homes with regular windows and the latest décor trends. Made to measure curtains can be adjusted to suit any window; created to exact specifications, from size and shape of the window frame to the fabric used and its functionality.

Best value for time and money

While bespoke window treatments tend to be more expensive, they provide the best value for time and money. Shop bought blinds and curtains offer a quick solution to sprucing up a space, however they can be limited to pre-cut sizes which can be inconvenient if window measurements fall outside the standard sizes, which is a common occurrence in older or unusual homes.

Made to order blinds and curtains offer the advantage of easy customisation and alteration, removing any hinderance presented by pre-made styles or size limitations.

Guaranteed to fit

Investing in fitted curtains and blinds means they are made to fit specific window frame measurements. Houses with very small or large windows may struggle to find an off the shelf option, and while some people may choose to use two pre-made curtains to fit, custom-made curtains can be tailored to fit almost any window. Making the decision to invest in purpose-made blinds and curtains not only helps to keep the light out and protects privacy, but it also helps to increase a home’s energy efficiency, keeping the heat in and cold draughts out.

Greater choice of fabric

Custom-made window treatments offer up a wide range of materials, fabrics and trimmings to use, made according to personal choice and needs. The freedom to select any material (within reason) allows your curtains to fit any interior design choice.

Quality lining

With tailored blinds and curtains, it’s common for a higher quality lining to be used than their manufactured counterparts. A higher-quality lining improves their lifespan by protecting them from sun damage more than standardised lining but also allows for the fabric to look thicker and hang heavier too. Made to measure blinds and curtains are built to last as long as they are looked after properly.

Blinds and curtains for every room

Different rooms in the house will require different window coverings, and by opting to have them custom-made, the stress and headache of struggling to find the right standard alternative is negated. Some rooms, such as bedrooms, might need blinds or curtains made from light blocking materials, whereas other rooms that are more prone to humidity and moisture may require materials that are resistant to moisture and mould.


Like most custom furniture, purpose-made blinds and curtains are often more sustainable in both the short and long term. It’s more likely that sustainable production practices are used in smaller, local businesses compared to larger corporate factories. Materials are likely to be sourced more ethically, and there is less waste likely to be produced. As mentioned above, custom-made blinds and curtains are built to last, which removes the need to buy replacements from unsustainable manufacturers.

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