Why bespoke furniture is the future

Furniture transforms any room, and choosing the right furniture is an expression of personal taste and style. With the rise in fast manufacture of soft furnishings, sofas and chairs are easily bought and delivered to your door. Bespoke furniture is a much more detailed process, and many question the extent to which it is worth it. As master upholsterers with three generations worth of experience, at John Reed and Son we pride ourselves on the bespoke furniture we craft and deliver to you. We have put together the top reasons why having custom-made furniture made is worth the effort and time compared to off-the-shelf furniture.

Personal to you

The most obvious and arguably the most appealing benefit of made-to-measure furniture is that it is completely personal to you and your style. Creating furniture is a great way to express your personal style within your home, and creates a unique and inviting atmosphere that reflects and mirrors your personality. Custom furniture made by hand means that no two pieces will be the same, ensuring your furniture really is personal to you alone.

Creative freedom

Being involved in the creative process of making furniture from scratch means you can create whatever look you desire. From the style of the chair to the choice of fabric used, you can choose to create items that seamlessly blend in with your existing furniture as a practical addition, or an eye-catching piece that is more of an art statement. You can choose the size, colour, and style, which is not something many big furniture retailers allow. With bespoke furniture, you have the freedoms to create whatever you want or need.


Specially made furniture tends to be made with much more care and attention than furniture made in a large production line, meaning the item of furniture is more likely to last. Furniture makers tend to use higher quality raw products, such as solid wood rather than MDF. This adds strength and durability to the product, creating a piece that is suited to hard-wear and a long life.

More sustainable

Purchasing custom made furniture is extremely sustainable in both the short and long term. Firstly, sustainable production practices are much more evident in expert furniture makers than in an automated process. The raw materials are likely to be sourced more ethically, and the waste produced is likely to be less. In the long term, thanks to their increased durability crafted throughout the production process, your furniture is less likely to need replacing in a few years, negating the need to purchase from unsustainable manufacturers.

Custom made furniture is an ideal choice for several reasons, including increased creative freedom, sustainability, and longevity. As upholstery experts, at John Reed and Son, we have a host of experience working with difficult spaces and requests, and we always rise to the challenge. For more on our custom furniture capabilities or any of our other services, get in touch on 01536 510584, or email us at enquiries@johnreedandson.com. Alternatively, you can fill in our online enquiry form.