John Reed and Son expands to new business: custom made curtains and blinds

John Reed and Son was established in 1972, and we quickly became a statement of the local area, providing master upholstery services, bespoke furniture creation, and antique furniture restoration. Our company has three generations of experience, and we are a completely family run business based in Northamptonshire. With a range of projects behind us, including both private and commercial, we have developed our work to provide the best solution for our clients.

Custom made curtains and blinds

Over the 50 years of our operation, we have grown, and we have learnt new skills alongside this growth. We are pleased to be able to expand our services to offer bespoke and custom-made curtains and blinds. Whether you need a contemporary panel pair, or a more traditional full window treatment, at John Reed and Son, we can craft the perfect accompaniment to your windows, whether you want to highlight or hide the view.

Working flexibly to suit you, crafting these curtains and blinds is simple. The first step is a consultation, where we can come to you or you can come visit us in our workshop. When we have your window measurements, your fabric choice is selected, and an idea of what you are looking for, we will design, make, and install these curtains and blinds.

What are the benefits of custom-made curtains and blinds?

Buying curtains ready-made off the shelf is an easy and quick process, but for most people, it leaves them with curtains that are poorly fitted, unsuited to the space, and of low quality. Having your curtains and blinds custom made provides a host of benefits.

Custom-made curtains are ideal because they are truly made to not only fit, but to fill your space. They have been expertly measured and made to create a specific look within your room, whether that be modern or classic. When purchasing off the shelf curtains you run the risk of your puddle curtains trailing too much or not enough, or your sill length curtains ending at the wall below, but with bespoke curtains, you are always assured to get the look and feel you want.

Custom made curtains and blinds also offer you the freedom to create a style that suits you. Ready made window treatments are limited by the fabrics and styles that are on trend, or cheap to manufacture. Bespoke window treatments in comparison, are limited only by your imagination. With an array of fabric choice on offer, and the ability to create your ideal style, your curtains can perfectly emulate your aesthetic.

At John Reed and Son, we are well equipped to provide you with the best service possible, offering tailor made curtains and blinds for any size or shape window. From classic to modern, we can cater to all styles. For more on our services, including custom made window treatments, get in touch on 01536 510584, or email us at