Polished lacquered on your timeless pieces

A First Class Finish

Our team handles all aspects of preparation in-house to ensure that we meet the impeccable standard we strive for. With the best techniques and equipment available, you can be sure that we will restore and revive your tired or damaged furniture and fittings, no matter how large or small, returning it to its former beauty.

Antique Chest of Drawers | French Polishers | John Reed & Son

Traditional and sympathetic

Antique furniture is art, which is why we always try to preserve the original finish and patina while carrying out repairs before re-polishing. Where this is not possible, we will strip and prepare the item by hand and provide a complete French polish, bringing the furniture back to its original glory.

We are familiar with:

  • Specialist wood finishes and treatments
  • All types of hand and spray finishing
  • Colour matching.
Traditional French Polishing | Furniture Restorers | John Reed & Son

Modern finishes for modern needs

Our spray booth facility allows us to provide high quality lacquered finishes, ensuring we always provide an extra touch of quality. Lacquer finishes are a far more durable alternative to traditional polishing techniques, and can be especially useful in commercial environments that see high traffic.

Chest of Drawers | French Polishers | John Reed & Son

Age old techniques

Many of the processes we use have been passed down through the generations, and proven themselves to be as useful now as they were decades ago. They remain integral to our French polishing process. We still mix many of our own solutions and find they work much better than anything available off the shelf, and no we won’t tell you what’s in them!

Hand Furniture Restoration | Upholsterers | John Reed & Son

Sheer craftsmanship. My treasured stool has been restored on two occasions and I have been extremely pleased to say the least. Many thanks for your professional service and expertise.

Mrs Martin